Upgrade Your Agent Package
to Maximise Listing Exposure


Do you need more Concurrent Listings, Ad Credits or access to more features to maximise your listing exposure? You can do so right away by upgrading your Agent Package. Not only will you benefit from these added features, you will enjoy savings too! 

Choose a Package that Suits Your Needs



Best for starters

THB5,600/12 mths


5 Concurrent Listings

500 Ad Credits

Total Value: THB6,200


Best for full-time agents

THB16,900/12 mths


30 Concurrent Listings

2,500 Ad Credits


Personal Website

Public Profile

Total Value: THB37,600



Suit highly active agents

THB43,300/12 mths


100 Concurrent Listings

5,000 Ad Credits


Personal Website

Public Profile

PLA Service (1-time)

Total Value: THB109,400

Unsure which Agent Package to select? 

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Frequently asked questions

How much do I need to pay if I upgrade my package?

The amount you need to pay for upgrade will be prorated which is calculated based on (1) the list price of package you have selected and (2) the value of number of months remaining on your current package. (1) – (2) = Prorated amount you need to pay For more details, kindly contact your Account Manager or call 022049555.

Can I pay by credit card installments?

Payment by credit card installment is available for KBANK, SCB and BAY Credit Cards, for purchases of THB10,000 and more. You can select either a 3 or 6 months interest-free plan.

Would there be any changes to my subscription expiry date if I upgrade my package?

Yes, your subscription expiry date will be extended by 12 months from the new start date of your upgraded package.

Can I carry forward those unused Ad Credits in my current package to the upgraded package?

No, but you will receive the upgraded package Ad Credits entitlement instead. For example, you have 20 Ad Credits left in your Beginner package and you are upgrading to the Pro package. The remaining 20 Ad Credits from your Beginner package will be removed, and you will receive 2,500 Pro package Ad Credits entitlement.


Unsure which Agent Package
best suits your needs?

02 204 9555 for
a recommendation today

Terms and Conditions

  • Upon package upgrade, your account expiry date will be extended by 12 months. Your account will be eligible for renewal during the renewal period of the upgraded package subscription (i.e. 1 month prior to your account subscription expiry month and in the month of your subscription expiry month). 

  • All features bundled with the agent packages are valid for 12 months, starting from account upgrade date.

  • Any unused features will be forfeited upon account expiry. 

  • Agent package sold is strictly non-refundable, non-transferrable to another agent/owner, and non-exchangeable for other products. 

  • Other standard terms and conditions apply