Featured Agent enables you to be the go-to agent for property seekers and owners. It does so by displaying your profile prominently on the top of ‘Find Agent’ main page, ‘Find Agent’ search results pages, and Agency Directory page. 

With these, you get to enhance your personal brand and credibility at the same time. 

Be the Most Prominent Go-to Agent 


1. Prominent Profile Placement on the ‘Find Agent’ Main Page

Limited to 8 slots of Featured Agent profiles on the top of ‘Find Agent’ main page where your profile photo, agent/agency name, and mobile number are displayed right under the agent search bar and the Browse By Province section.  

Ready to be the most prominent go-to agent for property seekers and owners? 


Featured Agent slots are available for booking up to 8 slots per month, on a first-come, first-served basis. Available from THB 9,900 per month. 

Reach out to our Customer Service at 0 2204 9555 today to book your slot now. 


Visit our Help Articles or call 0 2204 9555 for more information.

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