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PropertyGuru Expert Series:

Succeeding in the Post COVID-19 Market

Dear Agent Partners, We’re Standing by You

As the world comes together to fight COVID-19, the economy and our lives have been heavily impacted. No doubt, these developments concern you. We want to help.

As your partner of 10 years, we will
support and stand united with you as we triumph over this outbreak, together with the rest of Thailand.   

In that spirit, we have put together a suite of GuruCares Initiatives for agent partners. These initiatives provide coverage to up till 30 June 2020.

Apart from relief initiatives, we have specially curated resources you could tap on to stay on top of your game and keep yourself ready for a strong bounce back. These resources are accessible further down this page.

GuruCares Initiative, as of 2 June 2020​


For All Agents with Active Agent Accounts


15% More Ad Credits for All Existing Agents

All existing agent partners with an active DDproperty account as of 31 March 2020 receives 15% additional Ad Credits calculated based on your package-bundled entitlement. These complimentary credits were issued into your account on 3 April 2020, and are valid for 12 months to support your listings’ Boost activities now or in the future. 


Keeping You Safe with Hand Sanitizers

We want to ensure your safety and well-being as much as possible, as such, we have procured hand sanitizers for your use. They’re available while stocks last. If you’d like to get one, please register here or reach out to your Account Manager.  

For Renewing Agents


40% Price Reduction for New and Renewing Agents

All first-time DDproperty subscribers and agent partners with an upcoming renewal will enjoy 40% off any subscription package on and before 30 June 2020. Find more details about our Agent Packages here or contact us at 02-204-9555.


DDproperty Expert Series:

Succeeding in the Post COVID-19 Market 

As the world continues to stand together to battle the COVID-19 virus, it's without a doubt that the economy, our lives and industries have been heavily impacted.
Get to hear from some of our industry's most experienced and influential leaders on how you can survive and thrive in this "new normal" the world has taken on and discover the unprecedented shifts in trends and behaviour that emerged from this global pandemic. 

Beyond COVID-19:

An Insight into the Thailand Property Market Post COVID-19​

23 June I 11am – 12pm

Aftermath of COVID-19:

Understanding and Finding Opportunities in the Shift in Property Seekers' Behaviour ​

8 July I 11am – 12pm

Interactive ‘Live’ Webinars

Claim your spot at any (or all) of these upcoming webinars, with rich and relevant content to widen your knowledge, and interactive discussions for real live experience-sharing. These are available complimentary to all agent partners, whether

you are a DDproperty member or not. So welcome to ask a friend along.

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3 Online Marketing Tools for Property Agents

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To sign up for more webinars, visit DDproperty Academy


Insightful Weekly Articles

Every week, we bring you articles hot from the e-press – each filled with helpful tips, valuable insights and inspiring stories that help empower you in the current circumstance and beyond.  


If you’re wondering which areas and property types will fare better despite the pandemic, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out these 3 easy-to-use online marketing tools that are sure to help your success as a property agent

Get valuable insights based off PropertyGuru’s proprietary data in April 2020, to strategise your next steps to success. 

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Helpful Tips To Close Deals During Emergency Decree

Here’s a list of some tips on how you can up your game and still manage to successfully close deals, despite these challenging times.

Gain valuable insights on what property seekers are looking for, despite these uncertain and challenging times. 

Discover 3 ways on how you can use this time to stockpile your prospects, by building trust and credibility with property seekers.

How To Use Your Ad Credits Smartly

Get insights from our consumer data on how to optimise your Ad Credit spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the 40% discount calculated for agent packages?

40% off will be applicable to all packages on top of the published price

I already have too many Ad Credits. Can I opt for something else of the same value?

We are unable to exchange these Ad Credits to other Premium Features of the same value. These Ad Credits are valid for 12 months, from the issuance date. They can be used for Boosting your listing for more listing views. Hence, they are certainly useful to help you generate more leads.

Can’t find your question here? Check out our full FAQ.