Terms and Conditions

  1. Competition is valid for transaction of Ad Credits, Exclusive Listing, Concurrent Listing, Area Specialist, Other Area Specialist, Condo  Featured Agent and Feature Agent.

  2. Agent can join this competition only if:

    • Has active DDproperty packages until end of October 2020.

    • Has minimum spending per DDproperty packages as following:​

      • Beginner package: minimum spending THB 2,000

      • Pro package: minimum spending THB 3,000

      • Superstar package: minimum spending THB 5,000

      • CORP package: minimum spending THB 6,000

  3. Monthly winners are only entitled for ONE monthly prize once, even if he/she has become monthly winners more than once or win on more than 1 category. Monthly winners can have opportunity to win the grand prize.

  4. Grand prize winners are only entitled for ONE prize once, even if he/she has become grand prize winners on more than 1 categories. If agents win on more than 1 categories of grand prize, then agent will get the highest grand prize.

  5. Winners will be defined by sorting the most spending numbers with details as below:

    • Monthly winners will be agent who has highest spending THB for all discretionary products​

    • Grand prize winners will be agent who has highest spending THB for all discretionary products and ad credits spending

    • If there are more than 1 winner within a category & package, then the winner will be defined by those who has highest spending in year of 2020

  6. If winner candidates cannot be contacted via phone call and e-mail from DDproperty on 02-04 November 2020 (winner candidates verification period), then winner candidates will be disqualified and DDproperty has rights to find the replacement. Winners candidates will need to send legal identity document such as copy of ID.

  7. No additional registration fee applied to join this competition. Winners will be announced on this page.

  8. During Competition if agent upgrade or downgrade the package, the latest package will be entitled to each prize as of the last date of each prize.

  9. All prizes will be sent on or after 11 November 2020.

  10. All winners must meet DDproperty Terms of Purchase.

  11. If a winner has accounts more than 1, the spending will be based on each account. It cannot combine.

  12. DDproperty reserves the right to disqualify a participant if they have reasonable reasons to believe that the participant has violated the terms and conditions of this competition, the DDproperty Purchase Terms, or is against the laws in force in Thailand

  13. Prizes cannot be cashed or exchanged for other items

  14. DDproperty reserves the right to replace prizes of the same or greater value at any time

  15. DDproperty employees and their immediate family members are not entitled to participate and win

  16. DDproperty has the right to change the details of the terms and conditions that apply

  17. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be displayed on this page

  18. If there is a dispute regarding the terms and conditions, then DDproperty's decision is final