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Boost is a self-serve feature accessible to all Agent Package subscribers, using Ad Credits and activated via AgentNet. It enables your listing to garner more leads by:

  1. Increasing your listing exposure

  2. Reinforcing your personal brand and credibility

  3. Engaging your target audience upfront

Boost’s Benefits

Boost is your easy way to improve your listing performance, any time at your convenience. It will take your property marketing from the average to extraordinary by bringing more visibility to your quality listings to capture the listing views and leads you deserve.


Increasing your listing exposure

With higher ranking above regular listings in relevant searches, Boost increases your listing’s chance of being seen by property seekers during their search.


Using Ad Credits to Boost

Ad Credits are DDproperty’s virtual currency, where you can use them to Boost your listing! The credits are readily available in your Agent Package, so no payment upfront is required when you make a Boost booking.

The amount of Ad Credits needed to Boost a listing for 7 days, is fixed at a rate and differs from listing type, property type and location.

To know how many Ad Credits is required to Boost your listing, go to AgentNet > My Listings. The credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing.

Get Ready to Boost

Booked through AgentNet, you can Boost your listings, with over 95% quality score using

Ad Credits without upfront payment. With just a few clicks, your listing will be Boosted.

Each Boost booking lasts for 7 days.


Go to AgentNet  > My Listings


Pick a listing and click on the “Boost”      icon. The Ad Credits required will be shown here and will be deducted upfront


Check your booking details and click “Boost Now” to complete the process. If you wish to have automatic re-Boost every 7 days, just tick “Auto-Boost” box before complete the booking.


When you have made a successful Boost booking, the Boost icon next to your listing turns red and the start and end date of your booking will also be shown.


What is Auto-Boost?

By ticking the Auto-Boost box, your listing will be automatically re-Boost every 7 days till you

untick it. Your listing’s ranking will be refreshed every 7 days on search results and have a Boosted look, to retain its competitive edge. Learn more

Contact our Customer Service at 0 2204 9555 or read our Help Articles for more information

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